If your baggage has been lost, you have to:

  • Address to staff of the baggage processing service and make sure if all baggage was offloaded and delivered to the baggage claim area.
  • Write an application of the baggage non-arrival, prepared in the prescribed form.
  • Keep all the traffic documents (ticket and baggage tags).
  • Get a copy of an application about the baggage non-arrival from the baggage claim agents.

Baggage tracing is performed within 21 days on domestic flights and within 90 days on international flights. If the baggage wasn’t found during this period of time, in this case it’s considered to be lost. The passenger should be given a compensation for the baggage lost.

If the passenger found lack of contents while the baggage as at disposal of the airline company, the passenger should address to the airline security service immediately. Staff of the airline company can explain to the passenger further actions after writing a claim letter.

Unclaimed baggage. Information about unclaimed baggage is written into the system not later than a few hours after the flight arrival. It gives an opportunity to find the owner in time.

Found or lost things. Things which were found on board the aircraft or in the territory of the airport, are kept in the unclaimed baggage cloak room within 30 days. On the expiry of the term things should be realized or destructed in accordance with the established procedure.