What is e-ticket?

An e-ticket (electronic ticket) is a paperless electronic document used instead of an ordinary paper ticket. Seat reservation for the flight is performed in a standard way. However all the travel information which is normally shown in the air ticket won’t be printed on a form as it is kept in a special airline data base in the electronic format. An e-ticket is a document which can also verify an air carriage agreement between a passenger and an airline.

When the passenger buys an e-ticket he should get an itinerary receipt. In this document is shown information about the bought ticket and special notifications which are necessary according to the country legislation and international conventions. It should be done according to the Order of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation of November 8, 2006 № 134 «On the establishment of the forms for electronic tickets and the baggage tags in civil aviation».

The itinerary receipt is printed in any ordinary printing device and A4 format. If you buy a ticket on the Internet the itinerary can be sent you by e-mail.


E-ticket advantages

Airline companies and IATA chose e-tickets because it’s considered to be a modern and convenient traffic document:

  • E-ticket saves passenger time.
  • E-ticket is kept in a secured airline company data base.
  • E-ticket can be bought from any part of the world and via the Internet.
  • E-tickets are cheaper than paper tickets.
  • In addition to e-tickets online registration to the flight is offered, it is normally starts 24 hours before departure.


E-ticket use is easy and conveniently

It’s easy to fly in an e-ticket. You have to arrive at the airport in appointed time, then show a document on which you arranged a ticket (for adults it is an internal or international passport, and for children it is a birth certificate).

We do recommend you to have your itinerary receipt during the trip because it contains full information about the route and can be demanded by Aviation Security Service at some Russian airports and you may be asked to show it in a passport control as proof of return ticket presence if you travel abroad. Itinerary receipt is a modern alternative to a paper ticket, it can be lost but easily reprinted again, that’s why you shouldn’t delete it of your e-mail to the end of your trip.

If e-ticket was paid with a credit card, some airline companies ask to show the card itself as an additional safety measure.


How can you confirm expenses for e-ticket buying if you are on a business trip?

In accordance with the letter from the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation you have to get all the documents for expenses confirmation of an e-ticket buying. Your accountant department will need following documents:

  • Itinerary receipt (necessary)
  • Your boarding pass original (necessary)
  • A bank statement that confirms a payment with a credit card
  • Receipt for tax purposes
    • Please note that boarding pass copies aren’t given that’s why it’s necessary to save your boarding pass after the check-in procedure. In the case if the boarding pass was lost some airline companies may give you a copy of the boarding pass after the flight departure or they may give you a certificate which confirms the flight. Price of this service depends on the airline company and varies from 50$ for the boarding pass copy and from 300 rubles for the certificate which confirms the flight.


      An e-ticket refund and replacement

      An e-ticket refund and replacement is made according to the same rules as in the situation with a paper ticket. It is made in strict adherence to the tariff application conditions the e-ticket was given. These operations can be done remotely if you don’t have a paper form which should be refunded or replaced.

      Itinerary receipt carries only an informative task. The passenger should give another document of identification to get a refund for unused transportation. In the case if the e-ticket was paid with a credit card, money will be refunded to this card.