For passengers with special needs

The first aid room staff will provide assistance with boarding and unloading the aircraft for the disabled passengers. All the things needed, including a wheel chair, are given at the request of the passenger.

Passengers are considered to be sick or disabled when their mental or physical condition demands an individual care (during boarding and unloading the aircraft, during the flight, in the case of emergency, during ground service). Such approach doesn’t refer to other passengers.

Transportation of blind/deaf or disabled passengers and passengers with limited mobility is accompanied by the person who will care the passenger during the flight.

According to the rules of the carrier, transportation of such passengers can be executed using a wheelchair or a stretcher under carrier’s supervision. If the passenger is transported on a stretcher, he/she will be given additional seats which should be paid according to the tariffs accepted by the carrier.

Passengers mentioned above are served according to the transportation rules of the airline company. If the airline company doesn’t have such rules, the passenger should be carried with the reference to IATA Passenger Service conference Resolutions Manual and Federal Aviation Rules No_82 of 28 July 2007.

A carrier has a right to refuse to transport passenger on a wheelchair or in a stretcher if there are no special conditions for this group of passengers transportation.

Additional information for passengers with special needs



Carriage of children

Passengers who travel with children under 7 years can use a mother-and-child room at Khabarovsky Airport. No fee is charged for staying in the mother-and-child room. It works round-the-clock.

Passengers with children can order baby nutrition to the board plane. You have to inform the airline company about the baby nutrition provision not later than 36 hours before departure. Please inquire a possibility of the special food ordering for your flight in your airline company.



Unaccompanied children

The child is considered to be unaccompanied if he/she is under 12 years and travels without a parent or legal guardian, and without an adult who is at least 18 years old.

An unaccompanied child is allowed to the flight if:

  • he/she has transportation permission by the carrier;
  • Accompanying people should stay at the airport before departure;
  • The child will be met at the arrival airport;
  • Child’s transportation is paid according to the airline’s tariffs